Geotrigger fence data created from features. The features that create a FeatureFenceParameters provide a set of geometries (and attributes) that define targets for the Geotrigger. For example, if the condition is "notify me when my position comes within 50 meters of one of my target areas", the fence data are "my target areas" and each Feature is one target area.

Create a FeatureFenceParameters using a FeatureTable. The features can have point, line, or polygon geometry. For points and lines, you must also supply a FenceParameters.bufferDistance. Each feature in the table represents a single fence.

You can filter features using attributes or geometry by supplying a where clause. For example, you could further refine "my target areas" to be "my target areas that are open and are in California".

The number of features fetched by querying an online table is limited by the layer's ArcGISFeatureLayerInfo.maxRecordCount. Service feature tables that support pagination (ArcGISFeatureLayerInfo.supportsPagination) are not subject to the maximum feature count limit.

A FenceGeotrigger can also take into account floors within buildings. If the feature table used to create the FeatureFenceParameters is referenced by a FeatureLayer that is FloorAware, and the LocationDataSource used to create the GeotriggerFeed includes Location.SourceProperties.Keys.floor information, then fences will only be entered when they are intersected by a Location on the correct floor. If the fence or location data does not include valid floor information, the floor is ignored and the fence is entered when it is intersected by the location.

A floor aware feature layer or table must be part of a GeoModel that includes a valid GeoModelFloorDefinition. All layers and tables that are used by the floor definition are loaded when the GeotriggerMonitor is started.

A Location can contain floor property as part of Location.additionalSourceProperties. This is populated automatically by IndoorsLocationDataSource, or can be supplied as part of your own implementation.




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constructor(featureTable: FeatureTable, bufferDistance: Double = 0.0)

Creates a FeatureFenceParameters using all of the features in the FeatureTable.


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The geometry that can be used to spatially filter fences. This needs to be either an Envelope or Polygon. Use this to define which features in the FeatureTable are to be used as fences by defining an area of interest. If this property is null we will use the full extent of the feature table.

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The FeatureTable that contains the features to use in the FeatureFenceParameters. This table can be shared with a FeatureLayer.featureTable. This property will be null if the FeatureLayer within a web map could not be found.

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A where clause that defines the features from the FeatureTable to use as fences. The string that is used as the FeatureFenceParameters.whereClause should follow standard SQL syntax similar to what is discussed in the document https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/latest/help/mapping/navigation/sql-reference-for-elements-used-in-query-expressions.htm.

Inherited properties

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A buffer distance in meters to apply when checking if a FenceGeotrigger condition is met. For example, if the rule is "enters within 50 meters" you use a FenceGeotrigger.ruleType of FenceRuleType.Enter and set this property to 50.