@Serializable(with = PortalPrivilegeSerializer::class)
class PortalPrivilege(val realm: PortalPrivilegeRealm, val role: PortalPrivilegeRole, val type: PortalPrivilegeType, val subtype: PortalPrivilegeSubtype = PortalPrivilegeSubtype.None)

A portal user privilege. A privilege permits the user to perform specific operations on the portal.




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constructor(realm: PortalPrivilegeRealm, role: PortalPrivilegeRole, type: PortalPrivilegeType, subtype: PortalPrivilegeSubtype = PortalPrivilegeSubtype.None)

creates a new instance


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The realm this privilege belongs to.

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The role this privilege belongs to.

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The fine-grained operation subtype this privilege permits. Subtypes control access to a few fine-grained operations. The value is PortalPrivilegeSubtype.None unless this privilege relates to a fine-grained operation.

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The type of operation this privilege permits.


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open override fun toString(): String