A feature subtype describes a subset of features in an ArcGISFeatureTable that share the same integer attribute value. Feature subtypes categorize features in a dataset based on the value of an integer attribute. A subtype can define different default values or domains for fields. For example, city streets in a feature table could be categorized into three feature subtypes: local streets, collector streets, and arterial streets. Feature subtypes can also be used with utility networks to represent asset groups.

If ArcGISFeatureTable.featureSubtypes contains one or more FeatureSubtype, you can use SubtypeFeatureLayer.SubtypeFeatureLayer(ArcGISFeatureTable) to create a SubtypeFeatureLayer. You can then obtain a sublayer for each of the feature sub types from SubtypeFeatureLayer.subtypeSublayers. Each SubtypeSublayer allows you to configure different layer properties, such as opacity, renderer, and scale, for each FeatureSubtype. This is particularly useful for data, such as utility networks, in which many different network elements are grouped into a single subtype feature layer.

If you build an editing application, you can use ArcGISFeatureTable.createFeature(FeatureSubtype) to create a new feature with the specified feature subtype. The FeatureSubtype.prototypeAttributes will ensure that a default set of attribute values are applied to the ArcGISFeature and the FeatureSubtype.domains are utilized.




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The feature subtype's code.

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The domains associated with this feature subtype.

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The fields defined for this feature subtype. A subset of FeatureTable.fields relevant to this feature subtype. This collection of Field may override properties defined in the FeatureTable.fields. For example, Field.alias and Field.domain.

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The name of the feature subtype.

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The prototype attributes associated with this feature subtype.