A utility network asset group. UtilityAssetGroup is the first-level categorization of an UtilityNetworkSource. (UtilityAssetType is the second-level categorization.) This class provides information about the UtilityAssetGroup, including the UtilityAssetType collection that is contained therein.




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The collection of UtilityAssetType objects defining the asset types contained in the UtilityAssetGroup.

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val code: Int

The code of the UtilityAssetGroup. This property is the subtype code value.

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The name of the UtilityAssetGroup.


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Gets an UtilityAssetType from the UtilityAssetGroup by name. For example, an UtilityAssetGroup describing electrical transformers may contain an UtilityAssetType for a specific type of electrical transformer with a name such as "Single-phase Distribution Transformer".