GeoprocessingTask is used to run geoprocessing task that is published as a web service. GeoprocessingTask is the main component when running geoprocessing tasks. The task might be published through ArcGIS Server or Local server (on the platforms that supports it) using either synchronous execute or asynchronous submit execution type. When GeoprocessingParameters is created it is important to match GeoprocessingExecutionType to the value on the service.



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constructor(url: String)

Create a geoprocessing task from a URL to a task within an ArcGIS REST geoprocessing service.


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The metadata of this geoprocessing task.

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val url: String

The URL of this geoprocessing task.

Inherited properties

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open override val loadStatus: StateFlow<LoadStatus>

The load status.


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Creates default parameters for a geoprocessing task. This will populate the parameters with default values for all of the input parameters defined by the service. If the service defines a default value for a parameter, this will be used. If no default value is defined for a parameter, it will be given an appropriate default for its type: boolean parameters false, string parameters an empty string, numerical parameters 0. The correct execution type for this task will also be set.

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Returns a job that when started will run a geoprocessing job on the server.

Inherited functions

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open override fun cancelLoad()

Cancels loading metadata for the Loadable object.

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open suspend override fun load(): Result<Unit>

Loads the metadata for the object.

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open suspend override fun retryLoad(): Result<Unit>

Loads or retries loading metadata for the object.