Defines the collection of snapping sources and whether or not each is enabled for snapping. Call SnapSettings.syncSourceSettings() to populate this collection with a SnapSourceSettings for each valid SnapSource present in the connected ArcGISMap. SnapSettings is connected to an ArcGISMap via GeometryEditor.snapSettings, MapView.geometryEditor, and If there is no connected map, or the map contains no valid SnapSource objects, then the collection will be empty after SnapSettings.syncSourceSettings() returns.

The order of SnapSourceSettings objects will match the order that the associated SnapSource objects appear in the ArcGISMap.operationalLayers collection. The collection will not contain a SnapSourceSettings for any SnapSource which is not yet LoadStatus.Loaded when SnapSettings.syncSourceSettings() is called.

As snapping is used to maintain data integrity between different sources of data, only SnapSource objects that provide full resolution geometries as considered valid for creating a SnapSourceSettings object - see SnapSource for more information.