var updateMode: PreplannedUpdateMode

Describes how the offline map will obtain feature updates from the online service. The preplanned workflow offers three modes for updating the feature data in your offline map:

  • Sync feature changes directly with online feature services.

  • Download a set of scheduled update packages (geodatabase delta files that are cached on the server) from the online map area.

  • Download scheduled updates from the online map area and upload new features to the feature service.

To register your mobile geodatabases for syncing with online feature services, set this property to PreplannedUpdateMode.SyncWithFeatureServices. Syncing allows you to upload as well as download changes, so this approach should be used when you need full control to edit your data. As you sync changes directly with the back-end services, you will receive the most up-to-date feature data available. This is the default mode if you construct the DownloadPreplannedOfflineMapParameters.

To download a set of cached updates (delta files) from the online map area, set this property to PreplannedUpdateMode.DownloadScheduledUpdates. With this approach, updates are generated whenever the online map area is refreshed - for example according to its update schedule. Updates are prepared once and cached for download by all users of the offline map area. Sharing a single set of cached updates, rather than performing individual sync operations, reduces the load on the back-end services - this makes this approach scalable for large deployments. As updates are only downloaded, this approach can only be used with read-only workflows. The updates also reflect a snapshot of the feature data at the time the online map area was refreshed - rather than the most up-to-date information. The web map author must configure the online map to store cached updates for this approach.

To use a hybrid approach where you download scheduled updates and upload new features, set this property to PreplannedUpdateMode.DownloadScheduledUpdatesAndUploadNewFeatures. This approach combines the scalability of downloading scheduled updates with the ability to collect and share data in the field. Note that this approach is strictly add only, meaning that you cannot delete or edit features once they have been uploaded to the feature service.

If you use a DownloadPreplannedOfflineMapParameters.getUpdateMode() of PreplannedUpdateMode.DownloadScheduledUpdates or PreplannedUpdateMode.DownloadScheduledUpdatesAndUploadNewFeatures, with a web map that does not support scheduled updates, the resultant DownloadPreplannedOfflineMapJob will fail with an error Throwable.getCode() of ErrorType.MappingScheduledUpdatesNotSupported.