ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt Toolkit API reference

The ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt Toolkit contains controls and utilities you can use with the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt. These are provided to help you build new ArcGIS apps or add ArcGIS capabilities to existing apps.

This is the API reference for the toolkit components.

For overview of this toolkit and how to use it, see the Toolkit README on GitHub.

UI tools

UI tools are ready-to-use components that can be added to your app to enable common-place ArcGIS workflows. For example, North Arrow, Time Slider, and Popups are all ubiquitous with ArcGIS. These components are default implementations that leverage capabilities exposed by the ArcGIS Maps API. The tools have been architected to utilize MVC design principals, so for each view, there is an associated controller. These views and controllers can be further modified or customized to suit your needs. For details on integrating the UI tools into your project, see the UI Tools README on GitHub.

The following list contains the available tools for each app development paradigm:

Augmented Reality tools

The Augmented Reality (AR) toolkit components provide support for ARKit for iOS apps and ARCore for Android apps written using ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt. For details, see the AR README on GitHub.

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