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What's new in 3.3

This topic provides an introduction to the updates and enhancements in version 3.3, a complete list of changes between 3.3 and the previously released ArcGIS API for Silverlight version 3.2, and issues resolved between the 3.2 release and the 3.3 release.

For changes in the previous version, see What's new in 3.2.

Updates and enhancements

  • In version 3.3 of the ArcGIS API for Silverlight product the assembly version is (Build 825). To maintain parity with other ArcGIS Web APIs (Flex and JavaScript), the product retained a 3.x version. Note, this version of the ArcGIS API for Silverlight shares logic with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2.5 for WPF.
  • Support was added for the GdbVersion on the ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer and RelationshipParameter classes
  • New DrawMode.ScreenAlignedRectangle enumeration type was added (DrawMode.Rectangle is map-aligned)
  • Support for feature collection items by reference in web maps.
  • Exposed Symbol properties on Editor, TemplatePicker and EditorWidget.
  • Support for WMTS multidimensional services.
  • New UpdateAttachment method on FeatureLayer enables explicit updates to feature attachments.
  • New languages: Czech, Thai, and Turkish.

Complete list of changes

For a complete list of changes in the API between versions 3.2 and 3.3, see the following assembly comparisons:

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved with the 3.3 release:

  • NIM096889: Unable to display Web Map Tiling Service (WMTS) service tiles due to an incorrect request to the WMTS service.
  • NIM101470 / NIM099156: Some symbol graphics do not counter-rotate after certain map rotation and panning operations.
  • NIM087709: A crash occurs when editing a field in a FeatureDataGrid if the field is constrained by a range domain and subtype.
  • NIM087710: Field values that are within a range domain constraint do not display on a FeatureDataGrid.
  • NIM092532: Provide support for the styleUrl element in the KmlLayer class.
  • NIM088182: Include properties to change color and symbology of the selection tools in Editor class.
  • NIM103089: SpatialReference value is NULL when moving the polyline geometry using Editor.
  • NIM089393: Provide properties to set custom symbols while editing vertices using Editor.
  • NIM089531: RequestUri is double encoded for the QueryTask with ProxyURL.
  • NIM080378: Difficulty performing editing operations in touch screen environments.
  • NIM084796: Add support for WMS and WMTS spatial reference Well Known IDs which are equivalent to epsg:4326.
  • NIM094386: Adding large numbers of graphics to the legend causes a crash
  • NIM095750: There is a memory leak when using the flare clusterer and adding graphics.
  • NIM104466: ArcGISTiledLayer does not display data when zooming in beyond the minimum resolution defined by the service.
  • NIM096637: FeatureLayer Mode=OnDemand AutoSave=False brings back deleted graphic after pan if the layer contains just the single graphic and SaveEdits has not been called.
  • NIM100022: The ObjectID field is not set after the FeatureLayer.EndSaveEdits event fires.
  • NIM086899: UpdateFailed event on FeatureLayer show all kind of error messages as "Failed to update feature Layer".
  • NIM100522: On a rotated map, a rectangle is drawn oriented to map rather than page.
  • NIM101652: Arrow keys navigate based on map orientation instead of screen.
  • NIM104095: Add support for gdbVersion to RelationshipParameter class.
  • NIM101459: Support services that advertise latestWkid.
  • NIM096157: Clusterer performance without outFields is poor.
  • NIM089370: Changing the width of the info window, info window is getting displaced from its original position.
  • NIM104340: Value does not fall within the expected range exception when the map is on a tab control and trying to change the map extent from another tab.
  • NIM100255: MeasureAction not working properly on touch screen device using finger tips or stylus.
  • NIM096350: FeatureDataGrid does not display GUID fields and edits to the graphic failed due to invalid GUID json.
  • NIM100588: OverviewMap blank when zooming out on main map.
  • BUG-000082327: Added vertex using Draw.AddVertex removed after moving the mouse on the map.
  • NIM099237: Attachment editor changes the file name in some languages.
  • NIM099665: Incorrect map scale for coordinate system JGD_2011_Japan_Zone_10 (WKID 102619).
  • NIM091054: Failed to load secured services in a web map, if the web map is from
  • BUG-000082174: Draw.UndoLastVertex must to be called twice to undo the last vertex when the Draw mode is Polygon.
  • NIM086341: A map control cannot be released if FillSymbol is specified in the XAML.