You can extend Survey123 in the following ways:

  • Embed a survey form in a web app.
  • Turn your survey response into richly formatted printable documents.
  • Use Python to work with data captured with Survey123.

You can also do the following:

Embed a survey form in a web app

You can embed a form in your custom web app and customize its style and interaction with other elements.

With minimum configuration, you can embed a survey using an iframe, or you can embed a survey using JavaScript, which provides additional properties and methods you can use.

For a complete list of JavaScript properties and methods, see the web app API reference.

Turn survey responses into richly formatted printable documents

The reports that you generate for survey results in the Survey123 website can also be triggered from your own web app using the Survey123 REST API. The most common workflow is to submit a report generation job and retrieve the results. The following steps are required:

  • Submit a report request using the createReport endpoint. The response includes a jobId to track this request.
  • Make a request at jobs/ to check the status of the job. Once finished, the job has jobStatus of esriJobSucceeded , esriJobPartialSucceeded , or esriJobFailed.
  • Repeat the previous step at intervals of 5 to 10 seconds until one of the identified jobStatus values appear.
  • If jobStatus is either esriJobSucceeded or esriJobPartialSucceeded, you can then download the output file. Either a file URL is present in the resultInfo property for each file or an itemID for the file located in your ArcGIS organization is given.

For a complete list of properties and methods, see the REST API reference.

Use Python to work with data captured with Survey123

You can automate data capture workflows using the ArcGIS API for Python Survey123 module. With this module, you can identify properties of surveys, download your survey results, display survey results in a Pandas data frame, create reports, and manage report templates. Other modules in ArcGIS API for Python also allow you to share your surveys, link content to your surveys, clone surveys between organizations, and work directly with their underlying feature services.

To learn more, see the sample notebooks listed in this guide under Automation with Python. These sample notebooks can also be downloaded from the Survey123-tools repository.

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