Class OgcFeatureCollectionTable

All Implemented Interfaces:
RemoteResource, Loadable, PopupSource

public final class OgcFeatureCollectionTable extends FeatureTable implements RemoteResource
Represents an "OGC API - Features" feature collection table.

To display data from an OGC feature collection table in a FeatureLayer, use the FeatureLayer(FeatureTable) constructor where the OgcFeatureCollectionTable is the parameter that is passed into the constructor. Note: The OgcFeatureCollectionTable should not be confused with FeatureCollectionTable, which is used as an input to create a FeatureCollection.

This API provides building blocks for manipulating OGC Features on the Web. For more information about the OGC API Features specification, see the documents: OGC API - Features - Part 1 and OGC API - Features - Part 2.

The class includes two important members: the setFeatureRequestMode(FeatureRequestMode) and populateFromServiceAsync(QueryParameters, boolean, List) methods. Only the ServiceFeatureTable.FeatureRequestMode.MANUAL_CACHE mode is supported. This means populateFromServiceAsync(QueryParameters, boolean, List) must be called to populate, query, and return features from the service. For the where clause (see QueryParameters.getWhereClause()) that is used by the populateFromServiceAsync(QueryParameters, boolean, List) method, you can put any CQL2-TEXT or CQL2-JSON string as defined in the document Common Query Language (CQL2).

When populating or updating a local table from an OGC service, you can now request features in a specified SpatialReference (also referred to as SRS in ArcGIS or CRS in OGC). This leverages the power of the server to return features in the same spatial reference as your map rather than having to re-project them on the client.

This class supports loading and querying of features from a non-spatial OGC feature collection table.