True if this geometry contains curve segments, false otherwise. ArcGIS software supports polygon and polyline geometries that contain curve segments (where Segment.isCurve is true, sometimes known as true curves or nonlinear segments). Curves may be present in certain types of data, such as Mobile Map Packages (MMPK) or geometry JSON. When connecting to ArcGIS feature services that support curves (see ArcGISFeatureServiceInfo.supportsTrueCurve), this API retrieves densified versions of curve feature geometries by default.

If a polygon or polyline geometry contains curve segments, this property returns true. You can use curve segments when using a MultipartBuilder to create or edit polygon and polyline geometries, and also get curve segments when iterating through the segments of existing Multipart geometries when this property returns true. You can also choose to return true curves from feature services by using ArcGISEnvironment.serviceCurveGeometryMode.



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