suspend fun saveAs(portal: Portal, folder: PortalFolder?, title: String, description: String, tags: Iterable<String>, thumbnail: BitmapDrawable?, forceSaveToSupportedVersion: Boolean): Result<Unit>

Saves this map as a new web map on the specified portal with the given title in the given folder.

Once completed, ArcGISMap.item will be populated with the new portal item. Note that if the map already has a valid item property (either because the map was created using an item or was previously saved), that property will be replaced with a new item, effectively duplicating the map on the portal.


a Result indicating whether the map was successfully saved. The result will be a failure with type:





The portal to save the map to.


The folder in which to save the map. If null, it will be added to the user's root folder.


The title of the map.


The description of the map.


The tags to be associated with the newly created portal item.


The thumbnail of the map.


A Boolean value indicating whether the map should be saved to the supported web map version that the API supports (see system requirements). This may cause data loss as unknown data is not saved. If true, unknown data will be removed and the map will be saved. If false, the asynchronous operation will fail if the map contains unknown data that will not be saved. This flag can be used to provide a warning to users that some map data may be lost when the map is saved.