The ServiceGeodatabase of the UtilityNetwork. The ServiceGeodatabase used by the ServiceFeatureTable in UtilityNetworkDefinition.networkSources.

Use this property to switch to a branch version, manage edits, or query related records of tables participating in this UtilityNetwork.

This property is null until the UtilityNetwork is loaded. The ArcGISMap that was used to create this UtilityNetwork provides this ServiceGeodatabase. When no matching ServiceGeodatabase is found in the ArcGISMap, this UtilityNetwork will create and load a ServiceGeodatabase connected to the default version in FeatureServiceSessionType.Transient mode.

This property is also null when the UtilityNetwork is retrieved from a Geodatabase.

Note that calling ServiceGeodatabase.close() on a ServiceGeodatabase that is used by an UtilityNetwork will render this UtilityNetwork unusable. An attempt to create an element, get associations, get features from elements, or perform a trace after this ServiceGeodatabase is closed will fail with ErrorType.GeodatabaseDatabaseClosed.