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  • NorthArrowController
  • class Esri::ArcGISRuntime::Toolkit::NorthArrowController

    In MVC architecture, this is the controller for the corresponding NorthArrow view. More...

    Header: #include <NorthArrowController>
    Inherits: QObject


    Public Functions

    NorthArrowController(QObject *parent = nullptr)
    virtual ~NorthArrowController()
    QObject *geoView() const
    double heading() const
    void setGeoView(QObject *geoView)

    Public Slots

    void setHeading(double heading)


    Detailed Description

    This controller calculates the current heading from a GeoView, and allows the NorthArrow to apply a given heading to the GeoView.

    Property Documentation

    geoView : QObject*

    Access functions:

    QObject *geoView() const
    void setGeoView(QObject *geoView)

    Notifier signal:

    [read-only] heading : const double

    Access functions:

    double heading() const

    Notifier signal:

    Member Function Documentation

    [invokable] NorthArrowController::NorthArrowController(QObject *parent = nullptr)


    • parent Parent owning QObject.

    Note: This function can be invoked via the meta-object system and from QML. See Q_INVOKABLE.

    [virtual] NorthArrowController::~NorthArrowController()


    QObject *NorthArrowController::geoView() const

    Returns the GeoView as a QObject.

    Note: Getter function for property geoView.

    See also setGeoView().

    [signal] void NorthArrowController::geoViewChanged()

    Emitted when the geoView changes.

    Note: Notifier signal for property geoView.

    double NorthArrowController::heading() const

    Returns the calculated heading of this controller in degrees.

    Note: Getter function for property heading.

    See also setHeading().

    [signal] void NorthArrowController::headingChanged()

    Emitted when the heading changes.

    Note: Notifier signal for property heading.

    void NorthArrowController::setGeoView(QObject *geoView)

    Set the GeoView object this Controller uses.

    Internally this is cast to a MapView or SceneView using qobject_cast, which is why the paremeter is of form QObject and not GeoView.

    • geoView Object which must inherit from GeoView* and QObject*.

    Note: Setter function for property geoView.

    See also geoView().

    [slot] void NorthArrowController::setHeading(double heading)

    Set the heading by rotating the MapView or SceneView camera to the given heading (in degrees).

    See also heading().

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