DataSourcesGDB Namespace Contents

The DataSourcesGDB library contains the workspace factories and workspaces for vector and raster data formats supported by the GeoDatabase that are stored within an RDBMS.


Interface Description
IBranchEditingSOI Methods querying edited rows in an SOI before applyEdits.
IDatabaseLockInfo Infomation about database locks.
IDatabaseLocksInfo Methods for getting information about locks in a database.
IEnumDatabaseLockInfo An enumeration of locks in a database.


Class Description
FgdbTableName File GeoDatabase Table Name object.
FileGDBScratchWorkspaceFactory File GeoDatabase Scratch Workspace Factory.
FileGDBWorkspaceFactory File GeoDatabase Workspace Factory.
MemoryWorkspaceFactory The Pro Memory Workspace Factory.
RealtimePluginWorkspaceFactory The Realtime Plugin Workspace Factory.
SdeWorkspaceFactory Esri SDE Workspace Factory.
SqliteWorkspaceFactory Esri SQLite SDE Workspace Factory.
SqlWorkspace Sql workspace
SqlWorkspaceFactory Sql workspace factory


Enumeration Description
sdeError ArcSDE error codes mapped to HRESULTs.

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