You will learn: how to display a web map that you created in the Create a web map design lab.

With the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java, it is easy to create an app that displays a web map. A web map is special because its format is interchangeable between most applications running on the ArcGIS platform. Web maps are generally created interactively with the Map Viewer and saved in ArcGIS Online. When you save a web map it stores the initial map configuration settings such as the basemap, layer styles and the pop-up configuration, making it easy for you to load the web map and use the pre-existing settings. This will give you a jump-start building great looking apps. Web maps can also be updated and saved independently from your apps. This is handy if you want to make changes to the map and layers but don't want to make code changes to the app itself.

In this lab, you will use the ArcGIS Java SDK to build a simple mapping app that loads and displays a web map.

Before you begin

Reuse the starter project

If you have not done the starter project lab, be sure to review it first so you are familiar with running the app.

In a new or empty folder, make a copy of the Create a starter app solution.


Update the project

  1. Open the settings.gradle file in an editor of your choice and change the rootProject.name value to display-a-web-map.

Add a web map to the map

  1. Open the App.java file in src/main/java/com/arcgis/developers/labs in an editor of your choice. Add a new private method showWebMap that creates a map object from a web map given its URL.

     private void showWebMap() {
       if (mapView != null) {
         try {
           String itemId = "41281c51f9de45edaf1c8ed44bb10e30";
           String url = "https://www.arcgis.com/sharing/rest/content/items/" + itemId + "/data";
           ArcGISMap map = new ArcGISMap(url);
         } catch (IllegalArgumentException e) {
  2. Look for these lines of code in the start method


    and replace setupMap() with showWebMap().


Congratulations, you're done!

Your map should show parks and trails in the Los Angeles area.


Use your web map

Instead of using the web map we prepared, use the web map you made in the design lab Create a Web Map (2D).

From Step 2 above, replace the itemId variable with the id of your web map.

Change your map design

Open your web map in the map viewer, make changes to your map design, then save your map. Next time you load that map in your app your changes will be reflected.