routing service

The routing service is service that uses network analysis to calculate the most effective path and turn-by-turn directions on a street network for a set of stops. Many factors are taken into consideration, such as traffic conditions, specific time of day, and any barriers that might affect drive time and route. The routing service provides a number of other operations, such as finding the maximum driving distance over time, the shortest path to a set of facilities, the "traveling salesman problem" (shortest possible route to visit each location exactly once and return to the origin), and a cost matrix to determine the minimum cost of traveling to destinations.

The service is hosted by Esri and can be accessed with an ArcGIS Platform or ArcGIS Online account.

The service can also be hosted on-premise with ArcGIS Enterprise and accessed with an ArcGIS Enterprise account.

Routing service

Also known as

  • World routing service
  • Vehicle Routing service
  • Location Allocation service
  • Closest Facility service
  • Origin Destination Cost Matrix service

Related terms

  • route
  • location service

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