ArcGIS Notebooks

ArcGIS Notebooks are Jupyter Notebook environments in or ArcGIS Enterprise portal optimized for GIS administration, content management, and data science. ArcGIS Notebooks support ArcGIS API for Python, ArcPy, as well as a number of additional open source Python libraries. ArcGIS Notebooks can be used to perform data engineering, spatial analysis, machine learning, automation, collaboration and storytelling workflows. To create ArcGIS Notebooks users must have an ArcGIS account with the Create and edit notebooks privilege enabled. ArcGIS notebooks can also be automated to run at specific times if you have the Schedule notebooks privilege. To schedule a notebook to run, the user must own the notebook or have administrative privileges.

ArcGIS Notebooks are availble as the following products:

  • ArcGIS Notebooks for Enterprise (server)
  • ArcGIS Notebooks in the cloud (online)
  • ArcGIS Notebooks in ArcGIS Pro (workstation)
  • ArcGIS Notebooks for Developers (Builder plan and higher)
ArcGIS Notebooks overview

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