spatial analysis services

Spatial analysis services are services that perform an analysis on feature or raster data such as the geometry service, spatial analysis service, and raster analysis service. Some of the types of analysis operations available include summarizing data (data aggregation), finding locations (find existing or create new location data), demographics (add social and demographic data), analyzing patterns (find trends in data), proximity analyses (create buffers and find routes), and managing data (merging, overlay, zip data). Each type of analysis is known as a task and is executed as job request to handle long transactions. Most tasks result in the creation of a new hosted data layer or file. Spatial analysis service tasks are also available as tools in the Map Viewer.

The services are hosted by Esri and can be accessed with an ArcGIS Platform or ArcGIS Online account.

The services can also be hosted on-premise with ArcGIS Enterprise and accessed with an ArcGIS Enterprise account.

Spatial analysis services

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