access token

An access token is an authorization string that allows access to secure content, data, and/or location services in ArcGIS Platform. Access tokens define the scope and permissions available to your application.

There are three kinds of access tokens:

  • API key is a permanent token that grants your application access to ready-to-use services and, with an ArcGIS Developer account, private content (currently in beta).
  • ArcGIS identity (formerly named user) grants a short-lived token, generated via OAuth 2.0, giving your application permission to access the content and services authorized to an existing ArcGIS user's account.
  • Application credentials grant a short-lived token, generated via OAuth 2.0, authorizing your application to access ready-to-use services.
Security and authentication

Also known as

  • authentication
  • credentials

Related terms

  • API key
  • application credential
  • ArcGIS identity

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