data services

Data services are services created and published dynamically to securely host, manage, and provide access to your data in ArcGIS. The types of services that can be created include feature services, vector tile services, map tile services, image services, and scene services. Data services are typically created by importing data with the data management tools. A unique URL for the service is assigned by the system when it is created. Data services can also be created programmatically with scripting libraries such as ArcGIS API for Python and ArcGIS REST JS. Data services are managed with hosted layers (items) in a portal. Data services can be accessed through ArcGIS Maps SDKs and open source libraries using a URL and ID, or the item ID in the portal.

The services are hosted by Esri and can be accessed with an ArcGIS Platform or ArcGIS Online account.

The services can also be hosted on-premise with ArcGIS Enterprise and accessed with an ArcGIS Enterprise account.

ArcGIS location services

Also known as

  • Hosted data services

Related terms

  • data layer
  • hosted layer
  • service
  • feature service
  • image service
  • vector tile service
  • map tile service

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