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How ChangeDetection Works?


We often get to see images of the same location at different points in time, and as humans, we can visually identify temporal changes in these images quite effortlessly. For instance, we can quickly observe, analyze, and digitize imagery to identify and segment buildings that have been newly constructed over the last decade. While this task is simple for us, it is relatively tricky for machines that need to ground their decisions in both the spatial and temporal information they are provided. Deep learning has made significant progress in computer vision, and Esri has added several of these deep learning models to ArcGIS API for Python. The computer vision models in arcgis.learn can perform tasks like Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation, Instance Segmentation, Image Translation, etc., and starting at v1.8.3 , we have added another computer vision model for Binary Change Detection. Change detection is of primary importance in GIS, where we get many images of the same location but from different times. With this new model, we can solve various problems, from identifying new illegal construction to finding changes in land cover.