What's new in version 1.2.0

Version 1.2 brings with it a slew of new capabilities. Below is a non exhaustive list of enhancements

  • A new arcgis.gis.admin sub module -- expands your admin capabilities, manage credits, create gis collaborations to build a distributed GIS, modify the user experience of the portal website
  • A new arcgis.gis.server sub module -- allows you to manage servers federated with your ArcGIS Enterprise
  • A new arcgis.raster.functions sub module for raster functions -- express raster functions as Python functions, chain them together and perform raster algebra using regular Python arithmetic operators
  • A new SpatialDataFrame class which extends your regular Pandas DataFrame with spatial capabilities and ability to work with local datasets
  • Feature layer improvements -- overwrite feature layers, better support for attachments
  • Map widget enhancements -- disable zoom when scrolling the notebook
  • oAuth login using app id, secret
  • A new GeoAnalytics tool to create space-time cubes

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