What's new in version 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1 is a primarily a bug fix and documentation update release. Below is a non exhaustive list of bug fixes that were fixed:

  • Fix to ensure DataStoreManager.list() is updated when user adds, modifies or updates data stores.
  • BUG-000104664 ArcGIS API for Python fails to return the groupProviderName value
  • BUG-000105897 When iterating through items in a nonexistent folder using the ArcGIS Python API, items from the ArcGIS Online root folder are returned.
  • BUG-000105969 In ArcGIS Python API, using replicas.create() and data_format = 'json' is not able to create output in local directory when out_path is defined.
  • ENH-000106710 Automate the creation of Enterprise groups in ArcGIS Online and Portal using the ArcGIS API for Python.
  • Support for Living Atlas on ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Better error messages
  • BUG-000104664 ArcGIS API for Python fails to return the groupProviderName value.
  • BUG-000105270 returnAttachments is an invalid parameter and is repeated multiple times in the arcgis.features.managers module reference page for the Python API
  • Support for find_outliers tool
  • Support to add Item resources as text, URL and archive
  • Geocoding results can be returned as FeatureSet objects.
  • Support for publishing hosted tile layers from feature layers
  • Documentation for administering your GIS, administering your ArcGIS servers, building a distributed GIS, customizing your GIS look and feel are added.

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