Reserved words

The following are reserved words in Arcade, meaning you cannot use them as identifiers for variables and functions. Reserved words include keywords, future keywords, null and boolean literals, Arcade language functions and constants, and profile variables.


Keywords instruct the Arcade language to execute a command in a statement.

  • break
  • continue
  • else
  • for
  • function
  • if
  • in
  • return
  • var
  • while

Future keywords

Future keywords are terms reserved for potential use in future versions of Arcade. These include the following:

  • case
  • catch
  • debugger
  • export
  • import
  • switch
  • try

Null and boolean literals

The following literals may not be used for variable and function identifiers.

  • false
  • null
  • true

Functions and constants

All functions and constants included in the Arcade language are reserved words.

Profile variables

Profile variable names may not be used as variable and function identifiers. All profile variables are documented in the Arcade profiles portion of the documentation.

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