Supported products

Arcade is powerful because of its portability with other apps and maps throughout the ArcGIS system. With Arcade, you can define your dynamic content with one consistent language and share it for consumption in apps throughout your organization’s system.

This page describes the products that allow you to customize content using Arcade.


The web map is the mechanism that makes Arcade portable in ArcGIS apps. When an expression is saved to a web map, any ArcGIS app that loads that web map will be able to execute all expressions saved to it and render the content as it was defined in the authoring application.

For example, suppose you write an expression that defines custom popup content in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer. Upon saving and sharing that map, you can load the content of that web map into another web application, such as an ArcGIS Instant App. Once the web map renders in the context of a new app, all Arcade expressions in the web map will render their content consistent with ArGIS Online.

In which products can I write Arcade expressions?

This list will continue to grow as ArcGIS Products work to incorporate Arcade into their expression builders. For details on supported profiles, visit the profiles page.


Some expressions may work as expected in one application, but not in another. This may be a result of version mismatches. Each app includes a specific version of Arcade. If you author an expression using ArcGIS Online (which always uses the latest version of Arcade), and load the web map containing that expression in a web application built using an older version of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript, then some available functions when you authored the expression may not be included in the Arcade version included in the older app.

You can use the version matrix to find the Arcade version corresponding to the ArcGIS product you're using. See the release notes to view the features new to each release. The documentation of each function also indicates the Arcade version in which the function was added. If no version is specified, then the function was added in the initial 1.0 release of Arcade.

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