Release Notes

Version 1.4

(July 2018)

Casting Feature to Geometry

For your convenience, we added support for internally casting features to geometries in all geometry functions. That means you can directly pass a feature (e.g. $feature) to any parameter that accepts Geometry types.

// At Arcade 1.4, you can pass a feature directly to any geometry
// function, which internally casts the feature as a geometry object

AreaGeodetic( $feature, 'square-meters' )

// This supersedes the previous workflow, which required you to
// cast the Feature to a Geometry yourself

// required syntax at Arcade 1.3
AreaGeodetic( Geometry($feature), 'square-meters' )

New profiles

Arcade expressions can now be executed in the following profiles:

These profiles allow you to write expressions for attribute rules in ArcGIS Pro.

New functions

Version 1.3

(December 2017)

Geometry operations

We added several new geometry functions that allow you to perform geometric operations in any of the following categories:

  • Testing topological relationships
  • Overlay
  • Measurement
  • Proximity

See the updated overview of Geometry Functions for more information and the new functions listed below.

Many of the geometry functions, such as the overlay and testing functions, require more than one input geometry. In the current release of Arcade, you can manually construct geometry objects as needed within the expression. For example, you can calculate the distance from one hard-coded point to all points in a layer. In a future release, we will provide methods that allow you to access other geometries within the same layer and features in other layers.

New functions

Version 1.2

(September 2017)

New functions

Version 1.1

(June 2017)

The popup profile was added, allowing users to define expressions that will evaluate and display values calculated on the client when the popup displays in the view. Users can reference Arcade expressions with placeholders that will be replaced by expression values when the popup is opened. See the individual ArcGIS SDKs for examples of how this works within applications.

New functions

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