Dictionary Renderer

Since version: 1.11

The dictionary renderer profile allows the author of a dictionary renderer style to write an expression that evaluates to a text value used to construct a symbol. The string contains semi-colon separated style item keys as well as the primitive overrides used to override specific aspects of the symbol. See the Dictionary Renderer Toolkit for specifics on expected return values. When the feature is to be drawn, the script will be evaluated. The returned value will then be processed by looking up symbols by key from the dictionary and overriding them where specified.


The following products implement this profile:

Spatial reference

The spatial reference of the map in which $feature is rendered determines the spatial reference of the expression's execution context.

Profile variables

Variable NameTypeDescription
$featureFeatureThe feature which is to be drawn on the map.
$configDictionaryA dictionary of configuration values.

Function bundles

Core | Geometry

Return types


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