Measure Visualization

Since version: 1.7

The measure visualization profile allows the map author to write an expression that evaluates to a value used to drive the visualization of measure values along a line. This is used in the context of linear referencing hatching of m-aware lines. When each measure value is drawn, the measure value is interpolated for the marker location and passed into the script. It is expected that the script returns the desired value to draw via a text graphic in a marker symbol.


The following products implement this profile:

Spatial reference

The spatial reference of the map in which $feature is rendered determines the spatial reference of the expression's execution context.

Profile variables

Variable NameTypeDescription
$measureNumberThe interpolated M-value for the marker location.
$featureFeatureThe feature which is to be drawn on the map.
$view.scaleNumberReturns the scale of the map at the time the expression evaluates.

Function bundles

Core | Geometry

Return types

Text | Number

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