Feature Z

Since version: 1.5

In the Feature Z profile, expressions can be written to calculate z values for features in a 3D scene or to define the draw order for sorting features in a 2D map view. This is useful in datasets where z information is stored in an attribute instead of the feature's geometry. You can use this profile to return the attribute in lieu of a missing z value. Expressions in this profile must return a Number representing the Z coordinate of the geometry.


This profile was created for use in the following products:

Spatial reference

The spatial reference of the map in which $feature is rendered determines the spatial reference of the expression's execution context.

Profile Variables

Variable NameTypeDescription
$featureFeatureThe feature requiring a Z value.

Function bundles

Core | Geometry

Return types



The following example gets the geometry of the feature, and adds the value of the HEIGHT attribute, to create an adjusted height value.

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var adjustedHeight = Geometry($feature).z + $feature.HEIGHT;
return adjustedHeight;

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