Data enrichment

GeoEnrichment is the process of enhancing existing data with additional location-based information about the people and places in a specific area. The additional information can drive better understanding, analysis, and decision making. You can use the demographics package from ArcGIS REST JS to access the GeoEnrichment service.

You can build applications that use the service to:

  • Find demographics and other relevant characteristics within an area around a point.
  • Choose from over 15,000 analysis variables in more than 130 countries and regions including demographics, lifestyle segmentation, consumer spending, and market potential.
  • Enrich your own data with location based context about the people and places in an area.
  • Analyze markets and consumers, identify underserved communities, and formulate better business and policy decisions.

To learn more, visit the Data enrichment chapter in the Mapping APIs and location services guide.

How to access the GeoEnrichment service

To access the service with ArcGIS REST JS, you typically perform the following steps:

  1. Reference the appropriate package.
  2. Set the API key to authenticate the request.
  3. Define parameters to pass to the service.
  4. Call the service and handle the results.


Query demographic data

In this example, you use the queryDemographicData operation to find key facts about a specific study area, in this case London.

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      studyAreas: [{ geometry: { x: 0.1278, y: 51.5074 } }], // London
      authentication: authentication
    .then((response) => {
      console.log("Demographics:", response);
      document.getElementById("result").textContent = JSON.stringify(response, null, 2);


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