Upgrade extensions

This topic discusses how to upgrade ArcGIS Enterprise SDK to a later version and upgrade the SOE or SOI built with previous version of the SDK to a later version.

Extension compatibility with newer versions of ArcGIS Server

Currently, deploying an older version of SOE or SOI to a newer version of ArcGIS Server is not supported. Even though the extension may still work with a newer version of ArcGIS Server, the best practice is to recompile the extension using the same version of ArcGIS Enterprise SDK as the version of ArcGIS Server where the extension will be deployed. With that being said, if you want to deploy your SOE or SOI to the latest version of ArcGIS Server, you should compile your SOE or SOI using the latest version of ArcGIS Enterprise SDK.

Similarly, if you want to use a new feature provided by the newer version of ArcGIS Enterprise SDK, you must upgrade your ArcGIS Server to the same version.

Upgrade steps

To upgrade your ArcGIS Enterprise SDK, you should first uninstall any previous version of ArcGIS Enterprise SDK. This can be done through the Control Panel for Windows.

Then, you can install the latest version of ArcGIS Enterprise SDK, set up the development environment, and use the installed SDK to recompile your previous version of SOE or SOI project by following these steps:

  1. Open Visual Studio, click Open a project or solution, and choose your existing SOE or SOI project.

  2. Expand References in Solution Explorer at the right side.

  3. Select all the ArcGIS Enterprise SDK libraries (starting with "ESRI.Server.") and set their Specific Version property to False in their Properties window.

  4. Build this project.

    Sometimes Visual Studio may complain that certain files in the bin\Debug or obj folder can't be deleted when rebuilding the project. If this happens, you can manually delete the bin folder and obj folder.

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