Listen selection change of a data source

Data sources are a key concept of the ArcGIS Experience Builder architecture. You may want to utilize a data source within your custom widget. This sample demonstrates how to listen to the selection change of a data source.

How to use the sample

Clone the sample repo and copy this widget's folder (within widgets) to the client/your-extensions/widgets folder of your Experience Builder installation.

How it works

  1. In setting, select the data source using DataSourceSelector. The selected data source will be saved in props.useDataSources.
<DataSourceSelector onChange={onDataSourceChange} widgetId={}
  types={Immutable([AllDataSourceTypes.FeatureLayer])} useDataSources={props.useDataSources}
  useDataSourcesEnabled={props.useDataSourcesEnabled} onToggleUseDataEnabled={onToggleUseDataEnabled}
  1. In the widget, load records using DataSourceComponent. The sample uses the render function of DataSourceComponent. The render function will be called whenever the data source info changes (e.g. selection change) or when the loaded records change (e.g. other widgets apply a filter to the data source).
<DataSourceComponent useDataSource={props.useDataSources[0]} query={{ where: '1=1' } as FeatureLayerQueryParams} widgetId={}>
  1. In the render function, select a record when the user clicks a record, and add a blue border if the record is selected (by the sample widget itself or other widgets).
const dataRender = (ds: DataSource, info: IMDataSourceInfo) => {
  return <div className='record-list'>
        ds && ds.getStatus() === DataSourceStatus.Loaded
          ? ds.getRecords().map((r, i) => {
            return <Button type='tertiary' key={i} onClick={() => ds.selectRecordById(r.getId())} className={classNames({ 'blue-border': ds.getSelectedRecordIds()?.includes(r.getId()) })}>
          : null

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