Message subscriber

This sample demonstrates how to use message action in a widget.

How to use the sample

Clone the sample repo and copy this widget's folder (within widgets) to the client/your-extensions/widgets folder of your Experience Builder installation.

How it works

This widget requires another widget to publish the message for the data records and string selection change. You can use the FeatureInfo widget with a Record Selection Changes trigger to select this widget to configure the action settings.

Within query-action-setting.tsx, create a class to extend the React.PureComponent class with the types ActionSettingProps. The configuration of the message action can be changed through the onSettingChange method.

actionId: this.props.actionId,
config: this.props.config.set('fieldName', field['name']).set('useDataSource',{
  dataSourceId: this.props.config.useDataSource.dataSourceId,
  mainDataSourceId: this.props.config.useDataSource.mainDataSourceId,
  dataViewId: this.props.config.useDataSource.dataViewId,
  rootDataSourceId: this.props.config.useDataSource.rootDataSourceId,
  fields: => f.jimuName)

Within query-action.tsx, create a class to extend the AbstractMessageAction class. Then set the URI of the action setting component through the getSettingComponentUri method. Use the filterMessageDescription method to filter out actions that are not relevant to this widget. The onExecute method is called when the action is triggered.

export default class QueryAction extends AbstractMessageAction{
  filterMessageDescription(messageDescription: MessageDescription): boolean{
    return [MessageType.StringSelectionChange, MessageType.DataRecordsSelectionChange].indexOf(messageDescription.messageType) > -1;

  filterMessage(message: Message): boolean{return true; }

  getSettingComponentUri(messageType: MessageType, messageWidgetId?: string): string {
    return 'actions/query-action-setting';

  onExecute(message: Message, actionConfig?: any): Promise<boolean> | boolean{
    let q = `${actionConfig.fieldName} = '${message}'`
      case MessageType.StringSelectionChange:
        q = `${actionConfig.fieldName} = '${(message as StringSelectionChangeMessage).str}'`
      case MessageType.DataRecordsSelectionChange:
        q = `${actionConfig.fieldName} = ` +
          `'${(message as DataRecordsSelectionChangeMessage).records[0].getFieldValue(actionConfig.fieldName)}'`

    getAppStore().dispatch(appActions.widgetStatePropChange(this.widgetId, 'queryString', q));
    return true;

In the manifest.json there is an messageActions property that provides the location and information for the message action extension.

"messageActions": [
    "name": "query",
    "label": "query",
    "uri": "actions/query-action",
    "settingUri": "actions/query-action-setting"

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