require(["esri/widgets/BasemapGallery/support/LocalBasemapsSource"], function(LocalBasemapsSource) { /* code goes here */ });
Class: esri/widgets/BasemapGallery/support/LocalBasemapsSource
Inheritance: LocalBasemapsSource Accessor
Subclasses: PortalBasemapsSource
Since: ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.3

The LocalBasemapsSource class is a Collection-driven Basemap source in the BasemapGalleryViewModel or BasemapGallery widget.

See also:
// in this example, the portal item is a webmap
var basemap = new Basemap({
 portalItem: {
   id: "867895a71a1840399476fc717e76bb43" // Mid-Century Map
var basemapGallery = new BasemapGallery({
 source: new LocalBasemapsSource({
   basemaps: [
     Basemap.fromId("national-geographic"), // create a basemap from a well known id
 view: view
view.ui.add(basemapGallery, 'top-right');


new LocalBasemapsSource(properties)
properties Object

See the properties for a list of all the properties that may be passed into the constructor.

Property Overview

Any properties can be set, retrieved or listened to. See the Working with Properties topic.
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Name Type Summary Class

A collection of Basemaps.

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more detailsLocalBasemapsSource

The name of the class.

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more detailsAccessor

The source's state.

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more detailsLocalBasemapsSource

Property Details

basemaps Collection<Basemap>

A collection of Basemaps.

declaredClass Stringreadonly inherited
Since: ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.7

The name of the class. The declared class name is formatted as esri.folder.className.

state Stringreadonly

The source's state. The state is always ready.

Method Overview

Name Return Type Summary Class

Refreshes the source basemaps.

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more detailsLocalBasemapsSource

Method Details


Refreshes the source basemaps. Note: refresh will not affect LocalBasemapsSource. Modify basemaps directly instead.