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This sample shows how to change the opacity and color of the ground and how to enable underground navigation in a global WebScene.

In a global scene the user is constrained by default to navigate above the ground surface, so setting the navigationConstraint to none will allow users to navigate under the ground.

map.ground.navigationConstraint = {
  type: "none"

Sometimes it's useful to see what data lies under the ground surface without navigating below the surface. Setting the ground opacity to a value lower than 1 allows users to see through the ground surface. The opacity is applied to the basemaps (if any available) as well.

map.ground.opacity = 0.6;

In this sample we visualize the scene at the street level. That's why a basemap is not really needed. To avoid having a grid as default, we set a surfaceColor on the ground:

map.ground.surfaceColor = "#CFC7BC";

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