The module

The gis module acts as a representation of your GIS. It forms the entry point to your scripts and gives you the ability to manage users, groups and content. Version 1.2 introduces a new admin submodule for the gis module which provides GIS administrators the ability to accomplish much more administrative tasks such as creating collaborations, managing ArcGIS Servers, licenses, security and customizing the look and feel of your GIS.

Below is the graphic of the admin module and the various classes and methods.

Licenses (Deprecated 10.7+) The `Licenses` class has been deprecreated with ArcGIS Enterprise, starting at 10.7. In the meantime, for the `PortalLicense` class, the ArcGIS Enterprise (10.7+) enforces user type licensing. Members are assigned a user type which determines the privileges that can be granted to the member through a role. Each user type may include access to specific apps and app bundles.

For more sub-modules of the arcgis.gis.admin module, such as, AGOLAdminManager, PortalAdminManager, KubernetesAdmin, AGOLUsageReports, Bundle, CategoryManager, CollaborationManager, CreditManager, LicenseManager, please go to API Reference.

The classes and methods exposed in the admin sub-modules are intended for GIS administrators to automate most of their tasks. Hence you would require an account with administrative privileges to use most of this functionality.

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