BookmarksView QML Type

  • BookmarksView
  • The user interface for the BookmarksView. More...

    Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.15


    Detailed Description

    The BookmarksView displays a collection of viewpoints represented by bookmarks from either Webmap/Webscene or are programmatically defined. When the user selects a bookmark from the provided list, the viewpoint in the geoView is set to the new bookmark's view extent.

    Example code in the QML API (C++ API might differ):

    BookmarksView {
        id: bookmarksView
        geoView: view
        anchors {
            left: parent.left
            margins: 10

    Property Documentation

    controller : var

    The controller handles binding logic between the BookmarksView and the BookmarkListItem.

    The QML controller is documented here and the CPP controller is documented here.

    geoView : var

    The GeoView for this tool. Currenlty, it can be a Map; but could be extended to use a Scene as well.

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