NorthArrow QML Type

The NorthArrow displays a compass overlaid on the GeoView, with the compass heading matching the current rotation of the MapView, or Camera heading of the SceneView. Double clicking on the NorthArrow triggers the heading of the connected GeoView to be orientainted to 0. More...

Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.10



Detailed Description

Note: default width and height is 48.


Example code in the QML API (C++ API might differ):

        MapView {
            Map {
                initBasemapStyle: Enums.BasemapStyleArcGISDarkGray
            NorthArrow {
                geoView: parent
                anchors {
                    right: parent.right
                    margins: 10
                    bottom: parent.attributionTop
            rotationByPinchingEnabled: true

Property Documentation

autoHide : bool

When autohide is true, this view is only visible when the heading is a non-zero value.

controller : var

The Controller handles connections writing/reading to the GeoView.

The QML controller is documented here and the CPP controller is documented here.

geoView : var

The GeoView for this tool. Should be a SceneView or a MapView.

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