SearchView QML Type

  • SearchView
  • SearchView enables users to search for one or more locations or features, from a variety of sources, with suggestions. More...

    Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.13


    Detailed Description


    Example code in the QML API (C++ API might differ):

            MapView {
                Map {
                    initBasemapStyle: Enums.BasemapStyleArcGISDarkGray
                SearchView {
                    geoView: parent
                    anchors {
                        right: parent.right
                        margins: 10

    Note: By default, the SearchView will attempt to access the World Geocoding Service, which requires an API key.

    Property Documentation

    automaticConfigurationEnabled : bool

    Determines whether the view will update its configuration based on the attached geoview's geomodel automatically.

    Defaults to true.

    controller : var

    The Controller which performs the search and manages the results/suggestions.

    The QML controller is documented here and the CPP controller is documented here.

    geoView : var

    When connected to a GeoView, SearchView will automatically navigate the view in response to search result changes. Additionally, the view's current center and extent will be automatically provided to locators as parameters.

    noResultMessage : string

    Message to show when there are no results or suggestions.

    Defaults to 'No results found'.

    repeatSearchHereButtonEnabled : bool

    Determines whether a button that allows the user to repeat a search with a spatial constraint is displayed automatically. Set to false if you want to use a custom button, for example so that you can place it elsewhere on the map. SearchViewController has properties and methods you can use to determine when the custom button should be visible and to trigger the search repeat behavior.

    Defaults to true.

    resultListViewEnabled : bool

    Determines whether a built-in result view will be shown. If false, the result display/selection list is not shown. Set to false if you want to define a custom result list. You might use a custom result list to show results in a separate list, disconnected from the rest of the search view.

    Defaults to true.

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