IDataLicenseInfo Interface

Provides access to data license information.


Name Description
Read-only property ApplicationName Name of licensed applications.
Read-only property ApplicationsCount Number of licensed applications.
Read-only property AttrCroupsCount Number of attribute groups.
Read-only property AttrGroupName Name of attribute group.
Read-only property AvailableConnections Available connections.
Read-only property DataProductName Name of data product.
Read-only property Expiration Expiration date.
Read-only property GeographiesCount Number of geographies divisions
Read-only property GeographyName Name of geographies divisions.
Read-only property LayerCroupsCount Number of layer groups.
Read-only property LayerGroupName Name of layer groups.
Read-only property LicenseID License ID.
Read-only property LicenseType License type.
Read-only property MaxConnections Maximum connections allowed.
Read-only property MetaCount Number of meta information strings.
Read-only property MetaInfo Meta information pair.
Read-only property UsageMode Usage mode by its number.
Read-only property UsageModeCount Number of usage modes.

IDataLicenseInfo.ApplicationName Property

Name of licensed applications.

Public Function get_ApplicationName ( _
    ByVal nIdx As Integer _
) As String
public string get_ApplicationName (
    int nIdx

IDataLicenseInfo.ApplicationsCount Property

Number of licensed applications.

Public ReadOnly Property ApplicationsCount As Integer
public int ApplicationsCount {get;}

IDataLicenseInfo.AttrCroupsCount Property

Number of attribute groups.

Public ReadOnly Property AttrCroupsCount As Integer
public int AttrCroupsCount {get;}

IDataLicenseInfo.AttrGroupName Property

Name of attribute group.

Public Function get_AttrGroupName ( _
    ByVal nIdx As Integer _
) As String
public string get_AttrGroupName (
    int nIdx

IDataLicenseInfo.AvailableConnections Property

Available connections.

Public ReadOnly Property AvailableConnections As Integer
public int AvailableConnections {get;}

IDataLicenseInfo.DataProductName Property

Name of data product.

Public ReadOnly Property DataProductName As String
public string DataProductName {get;}

IDataLicenseInfo.Expiration Property

Expiration date.

Public ReadOnly Property Expiration As Object
public object Expiration {get;}

IDataLicenseInfo.GeographiesCount Property

Number of geographies divisions.

Public ReadOnly Property GeographiesCount As Integer
public int GeographiesCount {get;}

IDataLicenseInfo.GeographyName Property

Name of geographies divisions.

Public Function get_GeographyName ( _
    ByVal nIdx As Integer _
) As String
public string get_GeographyName (
    int nIdx

IDataLicenseInfo.LayerCroupsCount Property

Number of layer groups.

Public ReadOnly Property LayerCroupsCount As Integer
public int LayerCroupsCount {get;}

IDataLicenseInfo.LayerGroupName Property

Name of layer groups.

Public Function get_LayerGroupName ( _
    ByVal nIdx As Integer _
) As String
public string get_LayerGroupName (
    int nIdx

IDataLicenseInfo.LicenseID Property

License ID.

Public ReadOnly Property LicenseID As Guid
public Guid LicenseID {get;}

IDataLicenseInfo.LicenseType Property

License type.

Public ReadOnly Property LicenseType As esriDataLicenseType
public esriDataLicenseType LicenseType {get;}

IDataLicenseInfo.MaxConnections Property

Maximum connections allowed.

Public ReadOnly Property MaxConnections As Integer
public int MaxConnections {get;}

IDataLicenseInfo.MetaCount Property

Number of meta information strings.

Public ReadOnly Property MetaCount As Integer
public int MetaCount {get;}

IDataLicenseInfo.MetaInfo Property

Meta information pair.

Public Function get_MetaInfo ( _
    ByVal nIdx As Integer _
) As IMetaInfo
public IMetaInfo get_MetaInfo (
    int nIdx

IDataLicenseInfo.UsageMode Property

Usage mode by its number.

Public Function get_UsageMode ( _
    ByVal nIndex As Integer _
) As IUsageModeInfo
public IUsageModeInfo get_UsageMode (
    int nIndex

IDataLicenseInfo.UsageModeCount Property

Number of usage modes.

Public ReadOnly Property UsageModeCount As Integer
public int UsageModeCount {get;}

Classes that implement IDataLicenseInfo

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