ITemporalObservationsTable2 Interface

Provides access to the Track ID.


Name Description
Method AddField Adds a field to this object class.
Read/write property AutoPurge Indicates if the observation table will automatically purge observations that meet a specified criteria, Purge Rule, when the high-water mark has been exceeded.
Method CreateRow Creates a row in the database with a system assigned object ID and null property values.
Method CreateRowBuffer Creates a row buffer that can be used with an insert cursor.
Method DeleteField Deletes a field from this object class.
Read-only property Fields The fields collection for this object class.
Method FindField The index of the field with the specified name.
Read/write property GeometryColumnName Column name of the table's field containing the geometry.
Method GetRow The row from the database with the specified object ID.
Read-only property HasGeometry Identifies if the table contains a geometry field.
Method Insert Returns a cursor that can be used to insert new Rows.
Read/write property Persistant Reserved for future.
Method PruneTable Apply the purge rule to the temporal table.
Read/write property PurgePercentage The percentage of the maximum allowed number of records to delete when the Purge method is called.
Read/write property PurgeRule Identifies the purge rule to apply when PruneTable method is called (via user S/W or auto purge criteria).
Method QueryTemporalExtent Provides the time range of all records in the temporal table.
Method RowCount The number of Rows selected by the specified query.
Method Search An object cursor that can be used to fetch row objects selected by the specified query.
Method Select A selection that contains the object ids selected by the specified query.
Read/write property TemporalColumnName The column that is responsible for providing the temporal information. This column must be a character (date/time string parsable) , date-time, timestamp, or time period.
Read/write property Threshold The high-water mark or the number of observations that should not be exceeded Threshold.
Write-only property TrackingColumnIndex Receives the column index of the Track ID.
Method Update Returns a cursor that can be used to update Rows selected by the specified query.

ITemporalObservationsTable2.TrackingColumnIndex Property

Receives the column index of the Track ID.

Public WriteOnly Property TrackingColumnIndex
public void TrackingColumnIndex {set;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ITemporalTable Provides access to properties and methods in which a temporal table can be controlled.

Classes that implement ITemporalObservationsTable2

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