esriDisconnectedEditingError Constants

Disconnected editing error codes.

Constant Value Description
S_​DE_​OK 0 Successful Disconnected Editing operation.
E_​CHECK_​OUT_​NON_​VERSIONED_​DATA -2147219455 Cannot check out non versioned data.
E_​CHECK_​IN_​INVALID_​GEODATABASE -2147219454 Invalid CheckOut Geodatabase.
E_​GEODATABASE_​HAS_​CHECK_​OUT -2147219453 Geodatabase has already a checkout data.
E_​INVALID_​REPLICA_​DESCRIPTION -2147219452 Replica description object is not properly initialized.
E_​CHECK_​OUT_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147219451 Creating check-outs is not supported on this geodatabase release.
E_​CHECK_​IN_​NOT_​SUPPORTED_​IN_​RELEASE -2147219450 Checking in data is not supported on this geodatabase release.
E_​CAN_​NOT_​REUSE_​SCHEMA_​OF_​VERSIONED_​DATA -2147219449 Cannot reuse schema of versioned data during extracting or checking out data.
E_​CHECK_​OUT_​INVALID_​DATA -2147219448 Cannot checkout readonly or non versioned data.
E_​CAN_​NOT_​REUSE_​SCHEMA_​WITH_​OUTPUT_​SPATIAL_​REFERENCE -2147219447 Cannot reuse schema with an output spatial reference.
E_​CHECK_​OUT_​UNREGISTER_​FAILED -2147219446 Failed to unregisted check-out.
E_​CHECK_​OUT_​INVALID_​SOURCE_​WORKSPACE -2147219445 Cannot checkout personal or ArcSDE release prior to (1, 3, 0).
E_​SYNCHRONIZE_​INVALID_​RELEASES -2147219444 Geodatabase releases of the master geodatabase and the checkout geodatabase should match.
E_​UPDATEGRAM_​TOPOLOGY_​DEFINITION_​ACCESSING -2147219443 Error in accessing UpdateGram's Topology Definition element.
E_​TRANSFER_​DELETE_​TO_​DATASET -2147219442 Error in transferring delete to dataset.
E_​TRANSFER_​INSERT_​TO_​DATASET -2147219441 Error in transferring insert to dataset.
E_​TRANSFER_​UPDATE_​TO_​DATASET -2147219440 Error in transferring update to dataset.

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