esriWFSServerMessageCodeEnum Constants

WFSServer return message codes.

Constant Value Description
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​SkippedDataset 92000 A dataset will not be exposed by the WFS.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​FailedToGenerateTransactionResponse 92001 Failed to generate the transaction response for a transaction that succeeded.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​FailedToDeleteLock 92002 Failed to delete lock after processing a transaction.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​FailedToDeleteOutstandingTransactionVersions 92003 Failed to delete temporary versions created to process a transaction.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​NotLicensed 92004 WFS server is not licensed.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​GetRequest 92005 The http GET request about to be processed.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​PostRequest 92006 The http POST request about to be processed.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​WFSExceptionReport 92007 The WFS exception report.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​Debug 92008 A generic code for WFS debug messages.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​FailedToReleaseLocks 92009 Feature locks failed to be released (they will eventually timeout).
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​ConstructStart 92010 The construction of the WFS started.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​ErrorInvalidAppSchemaNamespace 92011 Invalid application schema namespace in the WFS configuration.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​ErrorInvalidAppSchemaPrefix 92012 Invalid application schema prefix in the WFS configuration.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​ErrorInvalidDefaultLockExpiration 92013 Invalid default lock expiration value in the WFS configuratioln
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​ErrorPublishedWorkspaceIsntVersioned 92014 Transactions are enabled but the published workspace isn't versioned.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​ConstructEnded 92015 The construction of the WFS ended.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​ErrorInvalid10AxisOrder 92016 Invalid AxisOrderWFS10 value in configuration.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​ErrorInvalid11AxisOrder 92017 Invalid AxisOrderWFS11 value in configuration.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​ErrorInvalidUseSRSNameFormat 92018 Invalid DetermineAxisOrderFromSRSNameFormat value in configuration.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​FailedToReconcileAgainstSelf 92019 The server failed to process the transaction due to a failure reconciling the published version against itself.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​FailedToStopEditing 92020 The server failed to process the transaction due to a failure when it stopped editing.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​ServerTooBusyToProcessTransaction 92021 The server failed to process the transaction because it is too busy processing other transactions.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​FailedToImportTransactionChanges 92022 The server failed to import the changes in the WFS transaction.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​FailedCreatingTransactionResponse 92023 The server succeeded processing the transaction, but failed to generate the transaction response.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​TransactionFailedStoppingEditOperation 92024 The server failed to process the transaction because it was unable to stop the enclosing edit operation.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​FailedToStartEditing 92025 The server failed to process the transaction because it was unable to start editing or start an edit operation.
esriWFSServerMessageCode_​ConflictDetected 92026 The server failed to process the transaction because it unexpectedly found a conflict.

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