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AMD: require(["esri/support/timeUtils"], (timeUtils) => { /* code goes here */ });
ESM: import * as timeUtils from "@arcgis/core/support/timeUtils";
Object: esri/support/timeUtils
Since: ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.21

Provides utility methods for working with dates.

Method Overview

Name Return Type Summary Object
Promise<TimeExtent>more details

Returns the time extent of all layers.

more detailstimeUtils

Method Details

getTimeExtentFromLayers(layers, signal){Promise<TimeExtent>}

Returns the time extent of all layers.


An array or collection of layers to compute a time extent from.

signal AbortSignal

AbortSignal allows for cancelable requests. If canceled, the promise will be rejected with an error named AbortError. See also AbortController.

Type Description
Promise<TimeExtent> Returns a promise that resolves to a TimeExtent.
// Get the time extent of all layers in the view.
const fullTimeExtent = await getTimeExtentFromLayers(view.map.allLayers);
// Get the time extent from an array of layers.
const timeExtent = await getTimeExtentFromLayers([

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