AMD: require(["esri/widgets/Attribution/AttributionViewModel"], (AttributionVM) => { /* code goes here */ });
ESM: import AttributionVM from "@arcgis/core/widgets/Attribution/AttributionViewModel";
Class: esri/widgets/Attribution/AttributionViewModel
Inheritance: AttributionViewModel Accessor
Since: ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.0

Provides the logic for the Attribution widget. Displays attribution text for the layers in a map. The text displayed for the layers is either a list of data providers or sources as defined in the layer's custom attribution data, or the copyright text. The attribution is automatically updated based on layer visibility and map extent.

Esri requires that when you use an ArcGIS Online basemap in your app, the map must include Esri attribution and you must be licensed to use the content. For detailed guidelines on working with attribution, please visit the official attribution in your app documentation. For information on terms of use, see the Terms of Use FAQ.

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new AttributionViewModel(properties)
properties Object

See the properties for a list of all the properties that may be passed into the constructor.

Property Overview

Any properties can be set, retrieved or listened to. See the Working with Properties topic.
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Name Type Summary Class
Stringmore details

The name of the class.

more detailsAccessor
Collection<AttributionItem>more details

A collection of AttributionItems.

more detailsAttributionViewModel
Stringmore details

The view model's state.

more detailsAttributionViewModel
MapView|SceneViewmore details

The view from which the view model will operate.

more detailsAttributionViewModel

Property Details

declaredClass Stringreadonly inherited
Since: ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.7

The name of the class. The declared class name is formatted as esri.folder.className.

items Collection<AttributionItem>readonly

A collection of AttributionItems.

state Stringreadonly

The view model's state.

Possible Values:"disabled"|"ready"|"loading"

Default Value:disabled

The view from which the view model will operate.

Type Definitions


The following properties define an attribution item that contains the attribution text for a layer.

text String

The attribution text.

layer Layer

The layer that has the attribution text.

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