Filter points in a PointCloudLayer

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This sample shows how to filter points based on attributes like classification or return values.

There are two types of filters that can be set on PointCloudLayer.filters:

  • PointCloudValueFilter is useful for filtering points based on their classification value. In the sample, the filter displays only points that belong to vegetation:
const valueFilter = {
  type: "value",
  field: "CLASS_CODE",
  mode: "include",
  // values include low(3), medium(4) and high vegetation(5)
  values: [3, 4, 5]

  • PointCloudReturnFilter is based on the return information stored in each point. In the sample, the filter displays only points from the first return (these points are associated with the highest points in the landscape):
const returnFilter = {
  type: "return",
  field: "RETURNS",
  includedReturns: ["firstOfMany", "single"]