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Manhattan Skyscraper Explorer

Explore Manhattan’s tallest buildings in 3D

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What it does

Buildings are visualized in 3D and allow you to virtually explore Manhattan. Using the interactive charts and filters you can single out construction time periods to study the expansion of Manhattan, or view buildings with the shortest or tallest height. Selecting a building displays Flickr photos and Wikipedia information about the building in a popup.

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Under the hood

Data-driven visualization

Buildings are thematically colored based on construction year so that users can identify the areas with newer or older buildings, and discover which buildings were built in the same period.

Feature highlighting

Building are highlighted on mouseover or when a building is selected in the chart to add visual context.

Filter features

3D buildings are made visible or hidden by filtering using the height or year built.

Search for a building by name

A search widget is configured to use the buildings layer as a source and enables users to search for a building by name.

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