What's new in version 1.6



  • Deprecated Group.invite_by_email() function https://developers.arcgis.com/python/api-reference/arcgis.gis.toc.html#arcgis.gis.Group.invite_by_email
  • Fixed error when creating GIS object in an enviroment where API for Python was installed with no dependencies
  • Fixed issue when creating spatially enabled dataframe from an empty feature layer
  • Fixed issue when spatially enabled dataframe treated NaN values as 0
  • Fixed issue on share() method when everyone=True that org=True
  • Fixed issue to ensure a query() with no results returns correct empty object type
  • Fixed issue when text used for file_type parameter on analyze`]
  • Ensured role and role_id are always set for connected user
  • Fixed issues with zoom functionality on map
  • Fixed issue when ImageryLayer.service property returned incorrect value
  • Fixed create_viewhshed() to accept above_ground_level_output_name parameter
  • Fixed flow_direction() to properly read output_name parameter
  • Updated apps module documentation to clarify acceptable item types for various parameters
  • Fixed Table.fromitem() function to correctly create table objects from items containing tables
  • Updated default parameter type for spatial index
  • Fixed issue when chaining raster functions and global functions
  • Fixed raster analytics functions to properly work with Feature Layer inputs
  • Fixed issue with optimum_travel_cost_network() function
  • Fixed issue with collaboration.create() function
  • Fixed issue where get_datastores() returned incomplete results when same server functioned as raster analytics and geoanalytics server
  • Fixed FeatureSet.to_geojson to properly convert linestrings
  • Fixed issue on calling Enterprise utility services when connected using web-tier authentication
  • Fixed issue on register() function to return properly formatted response
  • Fixed issue with indexing on the band_ids parameter of extract_band()
  • Fixed BUG-000119016 - issue where exporting a spatially enabled dataframe to a feature class converted Feature Service Null values date field(s) to a specific date(‘1/1/2001’)
  • Fixed issue with gis.users.invite() improperly formatting email request

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